Tuesday, December 25, 2007

First overseas travel

Dec-22, this was the day I was expecting for so long. It was the day of my first overseas travel. All the purchases, phone calls etc are done and I was ready to take my flight. Everything was a new experience.

Check-in, immigration, security check... so many checks before we enter the Artificial BIRD. Fortunately my flight(Jet Airways) was on time. Boarded the flight by 00:30 AM on Dec-22 and it took off by 1:20 AM. Transit was at Brussels(Belgium), it is here we could find the chillness of the weather. It is around 4 C, still couldn't manage it.

We four from our company were travelling in the same flight. We reached Newark @ around 11:40 AM. While reaching the place of stay it is around 1 PM. The same day myself, with Stalin and few other colleagues (Kumar, Arun, Kumar) went to Times Square and saw the tree decoreated for Christmas near Rock Filler building. Wandered around the Times Square for few hours.

Sunday (23 -Dec) total rain, which made us to stay back in PG. Morning went to a nearby Church and attended the MASS over there. Beautiful and peacefull church. Dinner at Indian Street, Journal Square. Had some spicy Andra food.

Monday (24-Dec) :Obviously my first day at work in Pershing. A bit late to office the first day itself. Literally the office is empty as it is festive season in US. One of my colleague (Ravi Kumar Lavadi) took 4 of us (Me, Naveen, Arun and Sendhil) to his house at Butlake. It was really a dream house. Wonderful independant house, with all facilities. He has dreamt of his house and each small things in his house are very beautiful. He took as to Bridgewater Venkateswara temple. Nice temple with large number of people. Nice evening at Ravi's house.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Queensland - Team Outing (28-May-07)

I am coming back to blog again about a team activity that happened recently in my team.:)

After a long time we went to a team outing on 28-May-07 to Queensland.
For all of us the very word of "HAVING FUN ON A WORKING DAY" has pumped up the spirits :).
Nearly 30 people started from our office by 11:15 Am and reached Queensland by 12:15 (courtesy: Traffic on the way).
As we entered the Theme park, the first ride we enjoyed was the FREE FALL. Good ride at the entrance.
Then we had a list of rides that I enjoyed much. Go Carting, Centrox (this ride is available in only 3 places in the world. Facts given by the Queenslanders).
After having the whole lot of fun for the entire day, we started our journey back home at 8:15 PM.

In our everyday life, we come across lot of comical things and situations. That is what happened to us. On our way back after a 20 minutes drive we had a road
splitting into two. One on the right and the other on the left. None of us(including the person driving the car) were not sure about which road to proceed.
After thinking for few seconds, we decided to take the road on the right. Another 15 minutes drives made as realize that we are heading towards Queensland again :)))
It was real comedy expirienced LIVE.

It was refreshing, to get some time out of work and enjoy with team :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Coorg Trip

A trip with my team, eAnalytics finally happened on October 27th. It was a real nice experience for two days. The place we opted for is COORG.

We a team of 26 started off our journey to Mysore on October 27th in Mysore Mail from Central Railway station. The train started by 8 PM and our fun also started. We reached Mysore on next morning 8 AM.From there we have already arranged a Mini Bus for our travel to COORG. On the way we stopped at a tea shop and had fresh tender coconut's [:D]. From there on we had some interesting games in the bus. Shyam started a tricky game which is to know the intimate stuffs from all they guys and gals. It is a game where people will question about anything right from childhood to college days and further and one has to be true in thier answers. Luckily I got too few questions and escaped [:D]. We reached Coorg by 12:45Pm and had our stay booked at hotel RajDharshan.

Abbi Falls :
After refreshing for a while we started to Abbi Falls. Bus can go only upto a certain limit and hence we had to walk for 3 km to reach Abbi Falls. Some of our guys enjoyed the shower of Abbi Falls. Unfortunately I was not prepared for a bath [:0]

Shiva Temple:
On our way back to lodge we went to a shiva temple. It was a nice ,peaceful and serene place. Then we went for shopping, to buy the Coorg coffee.

Camp Fire :
Camp fire was organised for that evening in the lodge we stayed. Kiruthiga and Akilla came up with entertaining games. One of the game was everyone has to perform an action mentioned in the lot we take. On my turn I had to enact a dialogue from the movie Veerapandiya Kattabomman (casted by Shivaji Ganesan) in my mother tongue, Sourashtra. Again I was made to enact the same in tamil. One another game is acting in a situation given by the game organisers. Me and Prakash(Project Lead) enacted a scene between a manager and his associate. Most of us were wearing jerkins and some had the jerkins inside the body with some hot drinks.

October 28:
We all woke up very early and vacated our rooms by 6 AM.
Thalai Cauvery:
On our way to Thalai Cauvery, we had hot idly's and chaya at a small hotel near Triveni Sangam. It was a nice feeling to see the birth place of river Cauvery.
From Thalai Cauvery we proceeded towards an island like place called Nisagardhama.

Nisagardhama :

During our travel in bus we had some interesting games like Paatuku Paatu, Vaarthai Vilayaattu. We had our lunch at Nisagardhama. I think we are only people to have lunch at Nisagardhama. We had no other option [:(]. It was a nice place formed between two rivers(small island like place). We played cricket, volley ball and had elephant ride at Nisagardhama.

Golden Temple :
It is a Buddhist temple rich in its architecture. People like me had never been to a buddhist temple. It is a temple with the hostel for the young monks. I was surprised to see monks owning Hero honda Karizma. From small kids to aged monks share the same place. One feature that impressed me much is the cleanliness inside the temple and the big statue of Lord Buddha. The wall paintings, dragon sculptures was great.

Back to Chennai :
Our journey towards chennai started from there on. We reached Mysore railway station around 7:40 PM. We boarded our train and started towards Chennai. Next day morning we reached chennai and then on started our usual work. (Office --> home --> office).

As far I am concerned, the real hero of the entire tour was Rathesh, our PL Viji's son. I like the way he used to call me, Aravind-hu. Cute, charming and bubly, he impressed almost everyone in the team.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back to Blogging :-)

Everytime I start to blog I think I should do that regularly. And everytime I fail :-(. Atleast from now on I should blog regularly.

Last week was filled with events for me. I had fever (Viral Infection as said by the Doctor) and was admitted in Hale and Healthy Hospital at Thiruvanmiyur. This is the first time I am being admitted in a hospital. It was a new expirience though not pleasant. I was in hospital for exactly 28 hrs, but couldn't bear even that. I just wanted to run out of the hospital :D.

My parents were feared about this and they told me to board a flight and reach Madurai as early as possible. And thus happened my first Air Travel. I booked a ticket in Indian Airlines scheduled at 11:45 AM on 13-July. I was very excited about the Air Travel and was there in the Air port at 10:30 AM. Unfortunately the flight was delayed for 90 minutes. Finally it took off at 1:15 PM and I was there in Madurai by 2:30 PM. A good travel... Just one hr :-)

Sunday(July 16) was my Uncle's marriage. It was good to see many of my relatives after a really long time. Had a good 6 days food and sleep in my house.

Wednesday(July 19)...Oh God. I have to board my train back to Chennai. I hate being away from my home. But, no other go :-)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

yeah.. Completed one year in office

"Yeah.. Today I have completed one full year in iNautix Technologies. Time runs very fast, it was like yesterday I joined iNautix and now it is one year completed."

I have written the above lines on May 9th..exactly my first year completion at iNautix. But, I am posting it after 2 months.... :-)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hectic week in office

This week completely I was engaged in some hectic work. My usual working hours for this week shoot up to 12 hrs from 10 hrs. It is less when compared some others, but for me it was really difficult to be there in office for such long hours.

The next week will also be as hectic as this week. Want to have a break...! Dont know when I am going to have that.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Bangalore Trip

The Christmas Weekend was great for me. Myself and Manibalan planned a trip to Bangalore. Unfortunately Mani could not come with me.

I reached B'lore on 24th morning. Sap(Arun Ponniah), came to pick me up. From there we went to Ekanth anna's house and then went to Sap's room.

After a small chat with Sap and Keyan we got ourselves ready for a trip to Nandhi Hills (70 Kms from B'lore). Myself and Sap first went to Keyan's house. Then we started our journey to Nandhi Hills and on the way we picked up Srikanth(IT).

It was superb journey in the National Highways. Superuppu :-) We took as much snaps as possible on the way to Nandhi Hills. We reached the spot by around 2:30 PM. It was a good picnic spot with great natural views. Asusual took lot of snaps there also. On the way back I rode the bike and it was superb experience.

On Saturday evening we went to FORUM shopping maal. There we met many of our immediate seniors Basha, Ashok, Arun and many more (could not remember their names). Had our dinner there at Forum (My TREAT ;-)...)

When we came back to Sap's room we were totally exhausted and had a good sleep for 10 hours. The next day we went to Madhumathy's house and met Nasreen there. We had a home made food at Madhu's house. After spending sometime at Madhu's house we returned to Sap's room.

Then in the evening we went to Brigade road and MG Road. To our surprise we met lot of our batch mates over there. For a moment I felt like I was in our college with many of our batch mates around me. We met Manikandan(IT), Vijay Anand(ECE), Vijayan and White at Brigade Road. Bala (Balamurugan) joined as later. Then we had a Sap's treat at BARISTA and then went back home.

Bangalore has a wonderful climate... It was very nice. The one thing I hate about B'lore is the traffic, horrible. No one is obeying the traffic rules. People even
dont worry about signals shown by traffic police.

Sunday night I took a bus to Chennai... On Monday here I am again at Chennai. Another week starts.....!

That was a great weekend for me.... Hope to get many more like this.